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Intergroup Pine Lake

Application Approval Criteria

We are pleased that you have chosen Pine Lake Apartments as your new home. The following is a list of criteria used as a guideline for approving applications for residency. Please review the list carefully. Please feel free to contact the office at: (859)371-7666 if you have any questions or need assistance.

  1. Each leaseholder must be at least 19 years of age at the time of application and complete an application in full. There is two occupant maximum in one bedroom units and a four occupant maximum in two bedroom units. All occupants 18 years and older must fill out an application and be checked for criminal history.

  2. Income minimum is 3 times the monthly rent. Proof of income is required. Each applicant must be at current employer a minimum of 12 months or at immediate previous employer for a minimum of 12 months. This does not apply to recent college graduates. Retired persons and otherwise must have a verifiable source of income. Tips, cash payments, child support not through the court, AFDC, and separate maintenance income will not be considered in calculating income requirements.

  3. Applicants should have established good credit. Accounts that have reached the collection stage or have been written off are considered negative credit. Bankruptcies discharged in the last 12 months will require a security deposit equal to 2 months rent or a cosigner. Bankruptcies that have been discharged for more than a year should have good credit reestablished. No delinquencies in the past 90 days will be accepted. Applicants with some negative credit may be approved with an additional deposit. Applicants with limited and/or negative credit history and have no real verifiable rental history may be approved with a qualified co-signer. Cosigners must be over the age of 25 and have at least 5 years of established good credit.

  4. Applicants with rental history must show history of current payments. Compliance with rules and regulations, and proper fulfillment of lease obligations. You may be asked to provide rental receipts. Leases that were not renewed due to any lease violations will not be accepted. Applicants owing any rental debts will not be accepted

  5. Each resident with an automobile must keep his/her vehicle in clean and acceptable condition. No rusted or wrecked parts, no faded or primer paint, no tied down trunks, peeling tops, etc. State registration must be kept current at all times.

  6. Each applicant with a pet must be able to provide a vet certificate with updated vaccines, health and weight verification. No more than 2 pets per apartment are allowed. No pets are allowed on the property for any length of time without payment of pet deposit and completion of Pet Addendum. Pet deposit is based on the weight of pet.

  7. All occupants 18 years of age and older will be checked for criminal history. Persons with felony convictions or persons who receive deferred adjudication for felony charges are not allowed to live on the property. Persons with pending criminal litigation will not be considered until final disposition has been reached. Persons involved in a crime involving a minor will not be accepted. Persons convicted, or received deferred adjudication for misdemeanor offenses involving drugs, theft, property loss or destruction of property, violent or threatening behavior, or sexual misbehavior in the last 5 years or history of repeated offenses will not be allowed to live on the property.

  8. I have read and fully understand these qualifications. All money will be forfeited to Pine Lake Apartments if any of the application is found to be falsified or incorrect. Applications will not be approved if information provided on the application can not be sufficiently verified.

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